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Paintless Dent Repair Courses by SAI with our 100% Money Back Guarantee are dedicated to providing you with advanced Paintless Dent Removal Training and Tools to succeed in today's automotive business environment, with PDR Training options across the USA.

  • Are you looking for THE BEST, HANDS ON, ONE ON ONE Paintless Dent Repair Training available, taught by Industry Experts?
  • We GUARANTEE you will learn to remove dents or you don't pay.
  • CALL 888-274-6088 Today for more details and get starting making GREAT money TODAY!


    1) How long are the courses?
    Our PDR Training courses run from 1-4 weeks, with the 2 week option being the most popular. The content and subjects taught are the same for the one week to four week courses, but the longer the course length, the more repetitive practice you get with the instructor so you can better perform each process/task.

    2) Where are the PDR Training locations?
    We are the ONLY multi-location PDR school, giving you options to train closer to home. Our headquarter location is in Southern California (Laguna Hills) and we normally offer our most aggressive promotions at our headquarters.

    3) What does the PDR Training cost?
    Our Paintless Dent Removal Training fees per week at our headquarters in Southern California are the most affordable at our headquarters in Southern California, and financing is not available. You have the choice to train at a satellite location for more $$$ or save $$$ and have your PDR Training conducted in California.

    4) Are PDR Tools included with the PDR Training?
    We have been manufacturing PDR Tools since 1992 and pass along wholesale prices to our students. We have several packages that include tools. Please call for current and upcoming Paintless Dent Repair Tool and Training package promotions.

    5) Is there any sort of PDR Certification?
    Our Training programs are certificate based and you get a certificate of completion, but the best thing you can show a prospective client or employer isn't a certificate; it's your skills that will determine if you get the job or not. But if you plan on doing hail repairs, most insurance companies now require PDR Techs show a certificate from a recognized Training Institution!

    6) Do I need a license or insurance to operate?
    Some US cities require a business license to operate ($40-$65/year) for any new business. Insurance is not normally required.

    7) Why should I choose SAI/NationalPDR for my training?

  • We are the only multi-location PDR school, giving you choices.
  • We train in a professionally equipped facility, not in a home garage or take you out on a route daily to watch us work (call us if you want to know which 'schools' train in this fashion...
  • We have the most focused and successful curriculum that graduates more successful PDR Techs than any other (see our PDR Pretraining program as just one example). Don't kid yourself- our training is HARD!
    We get busy working hard and stay focused on task until you can perform the Art of Paintless Dent Repair!

    8) How long after PDR Training will it take for me to be ready to go out and start working /pushing out dents?
    Our average student is ready to take on door dings and small dents usually right after a 2 week course. Our one week course PDR students usually require 1-2 weeks additional practice at home before they are ready to take on the world.

    9) Should I work for myself or seek employment ? Most people work on their own- creating a new PDR business is simple and we can help you every step of the way, from invoicing, billing, getting new accounts and more. If you would rather work for another PDR company we have many companies seeking new techs that we can introduce you to.

    9) How often do you have PDR classes and how many people in a PDR class ? We normally run two classes per month, and book out 3-5 weeks in advance. We average 1-2 students in satellite locations and 3-4 students per class at our headquarters. Call for available dates.

    11) What kind of money is to be made in PDR? PDR Route techs (serving dealers and other wholesale businesses) often make over $500 per day. Hail techs often make over $1000 per day. And the best part: That income is almost 100% profit that you keep!

    More Interesting Info about SAI PDR Training

  • Who is SAI? Superior Auto Institute is owned by Brian Jump, a PDR Veteran and innovator in the business and has been the PDR Training leader since 1991. We specialize in small classes with one priority in mind: YOU.
  • What makes SAI different from other PDR Schools? Brian Jump believes in comprehensive hands on training and gives students everything they need to succeed, and our total comprehensive training on all vehicle types provides students with all the knowledge and confidence they need when they return home.
  • SAI Paintless Dent Repair Training is like no other- we utilize heat to soften dents and other proprietary methods to minimize and simplify repairs. Over 20 years experience in PDR allows our students to speed themselves into the business quicker and easier than any other method.
  • Todd Reeves - $250k PDR Success

    Paintless Dent Repair Success: Summer 2013

    Just a year after Todd has completed his 2 week Paintless Dent Repair Training with Brian and Josh, Todd has built a business that rivals many other PDR Techs, by focusing on Hail Repair.

    Todd initially went back to Tennessee to serve local dealers, but after speaking with other techs and realizing the huge opportunity in PDR Hail Repair, Todd decided to join another tech and hit the road.
    Here is a list of the amazing locations Todd serviced just out of training:
    SOUTH AFRICA (over 3 months!)
    AMARILLO, TX* Currently there

    Since Todd has no obligations and can travel, Hail Repair made the most sense for him.

    Hail Repair isn't for everyone- it is work and takes time. But if you don't mind working..you can do very well too! And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Todd is now brokering storms in Europe and beyond and bringing in other techs to work for him!

    Here are some more images of Todd in action

    This pic shows DOZENS of PDR Techs working for the VW Factory, including Todd!

    Would you like to wake up in the morning with a big smile on your face because your making the money YOU deserve, and doing something you actually LIKE to do?

    If so, call us today at to see how we can help you, like we did with Todd!

    PDR Training Videos - What our PDR Students are saying:

    Paintless Dent Repair Pretraining - Preparing you for Training - An SAI Exclusive

    Paintless Dent Removal by National PDR/SAI

    By attending a course in Dent Removal and other Auto Appearance programs, you will learn everything you need to become an expert mobile repair technician of car dents, dings and more. Read more ยป

    Hail Repair Business in 2011-2013: We had more hail damage and storms on record than ever in 2012 and 2013 is breaking records already!. That means more potential revenue for PDR Techs.

    Automotive Hail Damage in 2011/2013 : When thunderstorms bring a wild and strong weekend storm, damaging winds and hail will make many automotive owners unhappy.

    Paintless Dent Removal is becoming a much more popular service in 2011/2012/2013, as the major insurance companies such as All State, AAA, Farmers and others are opting for Paintless Hail Removal instead of traditional autobody repair. The days of painting a car where now new methods such as Dent Removal can be employed are long gone. PDR is a better decision, for several reasons:

    1) Costs. Paintless Dent Removal usually costs just a fraction of traditional autobody repairs, making everyone involved happier
    2) Originality. The asset (your car) is preserved and all value is left intact when repainting is avoided, leaving the original finish present. Repainting simply put, destroys the value of a car, thereby depreciating the asset, whether your asset or the bank.
    3) Time. The Paintless method is a huge time saver over traditional methods. A typical repair is completed same day, whereas body work takes days/weeks or even longer.

    Phone: 1-949-305-2692 Toll Free: 1-888-274-6088

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