Peoria Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Peoria Paintless Dent Repair : School | Training | Classes

Get real world experience on multiple vehicle types with your Paintless Dent Removal Training, not just one or two.. Our students typically are pushing out dents to completion by the end of their first week, and do this on actual vehicles, not panels. This is unheard of in the industry. Learn more »

Peoria Paint Repair : Bumpers | Scratches | Spot Repairs

Paint Repair is an easy, step by step process that yield consistent results. Paint Repair is a market that is booming- no recession, no over saturation, just an abundance of customers with problems...problems you can take car of easily, and for a nice profit! Learn more »

Peoria Leather/Vinyl/Interior Repair : Leather | Vinyl | Fabric

Learn more »

Peoria Alloy Wheel Repair : Curb Rash | Scratches | Scrapes

Learn to remove minor scuffs, scratches and rash from alloy wheels in just minutes. Wheel Repair is a simple process to learn and usually takes just 2-3 days of professional hands on training depending on the package chosen. An average wheel repair can net you $75-125 a wheel and up and most repairs are done on a mobile basis at the clients location. Learn more »

Peoria Windshield Repair : Stars | Bullseyes | Cracks

Rather than replace damaged windshield glass, windshield repair utilizes modern technology. The SAI Repair System will perform professional high quality repairs that any successful business can count on. Due to high demand for regular recurring windshield damage, windshield repair is a great add-on or stand-alone business opportunity. At SAI, free hands-on training, technical support, and videos are available with each system. Learn more »

Peoria Auto Detailing : Training | Equipment

Our Auto Detailing School is a great way to learn to create a profit center and business that you can start immediately without any delays. Let one of our expert detailers show you how to polish paint, remove scratches, oxidation, stains, and more. Don't forget: Auto Detailing is a great way to capture customers for the other automotive reconditioning services such as Paintless Dent Repair, Paint Repair and more on a regular basis! Learn more »

Peoria Headlight Renewal : Training | Equipment

Have you ever seen a car with dull, foggy or yellowing headlights? It completely detracts from its value and is a must if dealers or details want to make the vehicle new again. Our proprietary renewal system is simple and easy to use. Learn more »

Peoria Total Recon Program : All-Inclusive Recon Business Pkg

Want to maximize your total profit? Offer you customers more services! A Total Automotive Recon package allows you to reach more customers and build bigger invoices netting you bigger grosses. Build a business that will give you more marketing options. Learn more »

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